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Plant Dye Kits

Everything you need to dye 50g of wool in 3 easy steps

Each kit costs £10

50g pack of clean white wool fleece £1

Fleece from Lleyn hybrid sheep, ecologically farmed by our neighbours at Jolly Farm

Yellow & Orange

These plant dyes all produce yellow and orange dyes, depending on pH. You can choose which colour you want as part of the dyeing process:

Dyer’s Coreopsis, Dahlia or Sulphur Cosmos

Golden Yellow

These plant dyes all contain flavinoids which produce a range of golden yellow dyes:

Dyer’s Chamomile or French Marigold

Bright Yellow

These plant dyes all contain luteolin which produces a range of bright, acid-yellow dyes:

Weld, Tansy or Dyer’s Greenweed

What’s In Our Dye Kits?

Plant Dye-stuff

50 g of dried natural plant material, grown and harvested with care in our small dye-plant garden in South Devon. Enough to get a good strong colour on at least 50g of wool fleece or yarn

Non-toxic Mordant

5 grams of Alum (potassium aluminium sulfate KAl(SO4)2), enough to mordant 50 grams of wool. This is a non-toxic natural mineral which has been used for many centuries and can even be found in some foods (additive ‘E522’)

Clear Instructions

With many years experience and research, we have developed reliable, straightforward methods for getting the best colours from plants. Based on rigorous research and avoiding the dubious ‘old wives tales’ repeated in many books and websites.

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