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Dye Plants and Seeds

Plants are available in Spring and Summer, please contact us to discuss placing an order. All plants are £5 for a 9cm pot, £8 for a 13cm pot.

Please see below for seeds

Dyer’s Chamomile plants

Cota tinctoria syn. Anthemis tinctoria

Bushy, short-lived evergreen perennial. Divide or mound-layer every 2 years to keep it going strong.

9cm pot £5

13cm pot £8

Dyer’s Greenweed plants

Genista tinctoria

Vigorous evergreen shrubs which respond well to being cut back. In the pea family, so boost soil fertility by fixing nitrogen.

9cm pot, 10-20cm tall £5

11cm pot, 25-50cm tall £8

Hedge Bedstraw plants

Galium album syn. Galium mollugo

Sprawling perennials make great groundcover, or grow through pea sticks or other plants for a more upright form.

9cm pot £5

13cm pot £8

Lady’s Bedstraw plants

Galium vernum

Sprawling, low perennials make great groundcover. Spreads slowly via rhizomes, but not nearly as invasive as madder.

9cm pot £5

13cm pot £8

Madder plants

Rubia tinctorum

Scrambling, semi-evergreen perennial climbers to 2m. Grow as groundcover, or through pea sticks for a more upright form. Spreads strongly through vigorous rhizomes, so plant in a large container or a separate bed.

9cm pot £5

13cm pot £8

Tansy plants

Tanacetum vulgare

Tall herbaceous perennials with herb-scented leaves. Can spread in rich, moist soil, but usually easily contained.

9cm pot £5

13cm pot £8

Dye Plant Seeds

We grow seeds for our friends at Nature’s Rainbow. Click here to check out their online shop. Species available include:

  • Common Madder Rubia tinctorum
  • Dyer’s Chamomile Cota tinctoria syn. Anthemis tinctoria
  • Dyer’s Coreopsis Coreopsis tinctoria
  • Dyer’s Cosmos Cosmos sulphureus
  • Dyer’s Greenweed Genista tinctoria
  • Dyer’s Woodruff Asperula tinctoria
  • Hedge Bedstraw Galium album syn. Galium mollugo
  • Japanese Indigo Persicaria tinctoria
  • Lady’s Bedstraw Galium verum
  • Weld Reseda luteola
  • Woad Isatis tinctoria

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